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Reflective Log

Question: Depict about the Reflective Log? Answer: This area will reflect how I have improved myself by and by and expertly all through the learning at GSM. The reflection is the strategy for generation and revamping of understanding and information, which connects the hugeness of experience. While composing this examination paper, I have created by information and ability past the extent of my course. I feel increasingly certain in regards to my creation limits; aptitudes of assessment and task the executives all through the learning here. Each progression of learning in the entire program encouraged to finish this examination paper on schedule, notwithstanding of confronting inconvenience while gathering information. The chief whom I worked under the program of GSM has guided me appropriately during the exploration. With his help and assist I with having effectively see all the parts of making a thesis. The time spent at GSM empowers me to see every one of these parts of composing exploration and executing task. The learning proced ure at GSM helped me to pick a point for the exploration work. It has likewise helped me to comprehend the subject fundamentally. The structure of the exposition paper was clarified appropriately. This examination depended on both essential and optional information. Gathering essential information was somewhat problematic, be that as it may, with the massive help from my administrator and associates, I have effectively assembled them all and executed them. While gathering data with respect to the optional sources, I have figured out how to utilize web for looking through any database. Aside from investigating the library, the utilizing web made my errand simpler. Auxiliary sources were made confirmed before utilizing it in the information examination part and unacceptable information were not utilized as the manager helped me to separate those. A few diary articles have been examined and data were additionally gathered from those articles and examination papers. Along these lines, participating in the examination work at GSM helped me to improve my insight by giving chances to peruse those articles. Additionally, while composing this intelligent log, I have understood that the course at GSM helped me to improve my relational abilities and prepared me to oversee time. It has likewise given the chance to actualize the methods of undertaking the executives. Before doing the main part, enlightening information in regards to the theme was gathered; this empowers me to comprehend the situation of the exploration region. I have chosen my examination goals and figured out how to frame research questions. The director helped me to comprehend that the exploration ought not lose its concentration and must be concentrated around responding to the examination question, without redirecting from the fundamental theme. The writing audit part was very energizing, as it requires to investigate thoroughly that I have not performed before. The learning at GSM causes me to comprehend that the looking into of writing is one of the significant piece of an examination paper. This is on the grounds that; the discoveries from the writing survey will be connected with the examination of information. I have figured out how to compose this sort of broad writing survey clarifying the few sub-points under the fundamental subject. I have likewise learnt various strategies for research. This built up a totally new information; and I have thought that it was fascinating to discover that such a large number of exploration theory; plan and techniques are there to execute an examination. All through the learning at GSM empowers me to execute the examination of information that have been gathered. I have likewise figured out how to make inference from the finding of the investigation and giving legitimate response to the examination question. The entire program has helped me accumulate part of encounters.

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Argumentative Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay ExamplesArgumentative essay examples can help you in writing the perfect argument. You may not know how to write a good argument but you can be sure that your topic and the material presented in your essay will help you with it. Sometimes, this subject is quite complicated to know what to write. This will only be made easier if you have an idea of what to say to convince others with your essay.There are some books which contain argumentative essay examples. A book is very helpful especially if you are trying to write essays for essay subjects which are hard to write on. These books can help you if you are just starting out in the field of writing.In fact, books can give you the proper introduction to research materials, thesis statement and how to prepare for writing your paper. These are quite important elements to write your research paper.You can even get information from the internet on essay topics to write. There are different websites, which will guide you with the proper essay topics. There are many topics you can choose from to write and discuss.Argumentative essay examples can be found easily on the internet. There are many sites which specialize in essays and these sites can also provide you with great materials to help you with your essay. They will give you tips on what to write and how to write a paper which will be easy to understand.These sites will be useful because they are user-friendly. The essays which are submitted will be categorized according to topic. You will be able to find the topic you want and this will also give you a list of essay examples, so you will know what to write on your paper.Some of the sites also allow you to add an essay examples in your profile. This will be beneficial because you will have a reference that will help you when you need to check what topics to write about. You will be able to review the essay samples once you get started. You can be assured that you will not be overwhelmed by them.S o you should be sure to have all the necessary information to write your essay because you can use argumentative essay examples to help you with your paper. The Internet can also be helpful for research purposes. It is very important to know what topics to write about because this will be used as references when you do your paper.

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Methodology chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Strategy part - Essay Example These distinctions, which can be viewed as enhancements for the last methodologies, are what make configuration based research a solid match for this exploration study. Configuration based research varies from lab explore re4search in various manners, particularly in the instruction space. While utilizing lab analyze inquire about for this situation would have required a lab setting to guarantee that there were no huge breaks from jumbling factors, structure based research will empower the ebb and flow research to represent the elements, complexities, and impediments of this present reality study hall (Behrendt, 2010). Likewise, regardless of the presence of huge reliant and puzzling factors in the study hall, DBR doesn't look to think about all the previous factors. This capacity to browse various ward factors offers a bit of leeway for utilizing DBR to contemplate the utilization Adobe Connect in learning a subsequent language, particularly since lab tests have a fixed technique because of endeavors to control one variable and control for the rest. By reexamining the exploration plan iteratively and deftly through the span of the examination, it will be conceivable to portray the complexities of how members create competency in the utilization of innovation (Behrendt, 2010). In addition, the way that DBR will consider social collaborations with the ESL instructors, just as between the ESL educators and their understudies. This is because of its â€Å"real world† direction, which loans it an additional favorable position over lab try look into that would confine the ESL educators and forestall their cooperation with scientists. Because of the complexities predicted by the language hindrance and learning new innovation, it will be hard to think of a theory from beginning examination of the exploration issue, which is a prerequisite of test examinations (Behrendt, 2010). By utilizing DBR, be that as it may, the scientists will have the option to create handy structure profiles

Monday, June 8, 2020

Assignment criminology - Free Essay Example

Social crime prevention methods focus more on influencing the fundamental socio-economic causes of crime instead of the physical environment (Grant, 2014, p. 3). The Kings Cross shootings that received a lot of media coverage from print media to online media would have been barred using social crime prevention methods like community and developmental crime prevention. The public, angry with the police for how they handled the kids, responded to the incident in several ways but little was said about what could have been done differently or how such a crime could have been prevented (Ralston Tovey, 2012, n.p). Such an incident, much like other juvenile misdemeanors, could have been prevented had the community been exposed to an appropriate and effective crime prevention strategy. To begin with, developmental crime prevention, which has become common in Australia, would have been effective in intervening early in the 14-year-old driver’s life since he had been known to the police since he was eight years old. The early intervention of the 14-year-old boy’s life would aim at addressing the risk factors while enhancing protective factors that affect his likelihood to engage in crime in the future. The risk factors can be grouped as individual and family factors, educational framework, societal, and cultural factors (, 2015, n.p). Therefore, an early intervention into the 14-year-old delinquent would have identified the likely risk factor in the child’s life and addressed it. Linda Burney, the Deputy Opposition Leader, who happens to be Aboriginal, claimed that the main question in the whole matter was how a 14-year-old boy came to drive a car at four in the morning accompanied by five other people (Davies, Ralston Tovey, 2012, n.p ). This gives a clear indication of the absence of parental guidance and input of the society in raising the boy. Furthermore, Linda pointed out that social problems such as poverty and destitution were a likely cause together with the lack of, or the nature of the parental and societal responsibility. The crime could have also been prevented using community development methods, which involve the modification of the physical and societal setting of communities to impact the actions of the people living there (Shoham, Knepper Kett, 2010, p. 526). The risk of getting involved or becoming a victim of crime in the communities experiencing higher levels of social segregation or less cohesion is high. The five people that were involved in the crime ranged from the age of 13 years to 24 years thereby representing the youth of the area especially the aboriginal people. This indicates that the community had not done much to empower the youth and educate them about crime (Gridneff, 2012, n.p). Besides, while issuing her statement, Linda Burney noted that she was concerned about the future of the younger Aboriginal individuals who had been detached from either the school system or their culture. From Linda’s statement, it seems that the community of Redfern had also not done much in helping the youth stay away from crime by promoting crime prevention initiatives for the youth. Moreover, twenty extra police officers had been deployed at Kings Cross when the crime occurred in anticipation of an outbreak of biker-gang violence. This as well indicates that crime in the area is high, showing that the community and the government had not done much to deal with potential wrongdoers (Gridneff, 2012, n.p). The communities of Redfern and Kings Cross should thus enact a Youth Crime Prevention Policy Forum that is aimed at improving the participation of the youth in the crime prevention initiatives and enhancing the coordination of the youth programs (Halstead, 1991, p.74). Moreover, the two communities can design and implement plans to address the youth safety challenges such the presence of biker gangs that usually recruit members. According to Gabor (1994, p. 22), places, where crimes occur, are important and are owned by people or organizations that make decisions concerning the social and physical setting of that particular place. The police department at Kings Cross is in charge of the area and so should take charge and do away with the biker gangs to prevent crime in the area. Additionally, the community of Kings Cross, where the crime happened, should take the initiative of preventing crime in the area by reducing temptation. According to Eck Guerette (2012, p. 358), in some city streets, it is considered unwise to leave cars parked, as they are attractive to joyriders. The car that the five juvenile delinquents were driving was allegedly stolen according to the police reports, and so the community has to step in to prevent crime by reducing temptation. In conclusion, social prevention methods are effective in preventing crime in areas where the youth have detached from school and their culture. Social prevention methods intervene early and address the risk factors that would lead a person to commit a crime and as well helps the community to mobilize and create an integrated crime prevention strategy that would be used to prevent crime. Additionally, the social crime prevention methods help to solidify and unify communities while empowering the estranged youth, thus promoting social cohesion.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The History of Vending Machines

Vending or automatic retailing, as the process of selling merchandise via automated machine is increasingly known, has a long history. The first recorded example of the vending machine came from Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria, who  invented a device that dispensed  holy water inside Egyptian temples.   Other early examples included small brass machines that dispensed tobacco, found in  taverns in England around  1615.  In 1822, English  publisher and bookshop owner Richard Carlile built a newspaper dispensing machine  that allowed patrons to purchase banned works. The first fully automatic vending machine, which  dispensed  stamps, appeared in  1867. Coin-Operated Machines During the early 1880s, the first commercial coin-operated vending machines were introduced in London, England. The machines were commonly found at railway stations and  post offices because they were convenient for purchasing  envelopes,  postcards, and  notepaper. In 1887, the first vending machine servicer, the  Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Co., was founded.   The next year, the Thomas Adams Gum Co. introduced the first vending machines to the United States. They were installed on the elevated subway platforms in New York, New York, and sold Tutti-Fruiti gum. In 1897, the Pulver Manufacturing Co. added illustrated figures to its gum machines as an extra attraction. The round, candy-coated gumball and gumball vending machines were introduced in 1907. Coin-Operated Restaurants Soon, vending machines were offering almost everything, including cigars and stamps. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a completely coin-operated restaurant called Horn Hardart opened in 1902 and lasted until 1962. Such fast-food restaurants, called automats, originally took only nickels and were popular among struggling  songwriters and  actors as well as celebrities of the era. Beverages and Cigarettes Machines dispensing drinks go as far back as 1890. The first beverage vending machine was in Paris, France, and allowed people to buy beer, wine, and liquor. In the early 1920s, vending machines started dispensing  sodas  into cups. Today, beverages are among the most popular items sold through vending machines. In 1926, American inventor William Rowe invented the cigarette vending machine. Over time, however, they became less common in the United States due to concerns over underage buyers. In other countries, vendors required that some sort of age verification, such as a drivers license, bank card, or ID, be inserted before a purchase could be made. Cigarette dispensing machines are still common in  Germany, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Japan.   Specialty Machines Food, beverages, and cigarettes are the most common items sold in vending machines, but the list of specialty items sold by this form of automation is almost endless, as a quick survey of any airport or bus terminal will tell you. The industry took a big jump around 2006 when credit card scanners became common on vending machines. Within 10 years, almost every new machine was equipped to accept credit cards, opening the door to the sale of many high-priced items. Specialty products that have been offered via vending machine include: Fish baitOnline internet timeLottery ticketsBooksElectronics, including iPads,  cell phones, digital cameras, and computers  Hot foods, such as french fries and pizzaLife insuranceCondoms and other contraceptivesOver-the-counter drugsMarijuanaAutomobiles Yes, you read that last item correctly:  In late 2016, Autobahn Motors in Singapore opened a luxury car vending machine offering Ferraris  and  Lamborghinis. Buyers clearly needed hefty limits on their credit cards. The Land of Vending Machines Japan has a reputation for having some of the most innovative uses of automated vending, providing machines that offer fresh fruits and vegetables, sake, hot foods, batteries, flowers, clothing and, of course, sushi. Japan has the highest per capita rate of vending machines in the world.   The Future The latest trend is smart vending machines, which offer services such as cashless payments; face, eye, or fingerprint recognition;  and social media connectivity. It is likely that vending machines of the future will recognize you and tailor their offerings to your interests and tastes. A beverage vending machine, for example, might recognize what you have purchased at other machines and ask you if you want your usual skim latte with a double shot of vanilla.   Market research projects that by 2020, 20% of all vending machines will be smart machines, with at least 3.6 million units knowing who you are and what you like.

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Americas Foreign Policy Rise to Globalism by Stephen E....

Rise to Globalism is a fascinating summary of Americas foreign policy from World War II to the Gulf War. Stephen E. Ambrose, earned his history Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and he is a very talented author. Rise to Globalism was published by Penguin Books Inc. in 1993 in New York. The book gives the readers an idea of why America and the rest of the world were communicating, ordered in consecutive order and by U.S. presidents. In this novel, Stephen E. Ambrose and Douglas G. Brinkley covered an extensive topic in a fairly short book. Ambrose and Brinkley discuss some topics more thoroughly than others. For example, the authors go into great depth about the wars in Vietnam and Korea, but slightly touches on some topics, like the†¦show more content†¦Which followed through to Ford’s Administration and the Carter Administration. As well as the illegal bombing of Cambodia. Carter gets harassed about his evidence of his failed foreign policy because of the Irani an Hostage crisis, which was not handled well, and the credit for the solution belonged to Reagan. After Egypt seized the Suez Canal, and with military assistance to protestors when Cuba became communist, American interfered with negotiation. America felt assured enough to use the military to help South Vietnam in the fight against both the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong, after the reasonable achievement in resolving a disaster in Cuba with the Soviet Union. This war became a war of terrible magnitudes and a mortifying incident in American history. In order to resolve struggles between Egypt, Syria and Israel, America became engaged with the Middle East, using negotiation and military materials The United States also tried to fix two problems by trying to resolve struggles with Libya, South Africa and Iran while simultaneously having problem with the Russians in the Cold War. Moreover, the pubic appear to not be affected by the Arms for Hostages Scandal while Reagan was president, which was a deal with the Iranian government to release prisoners once the voting was over. Next, there was the contribution of the Contras in Central America, and the following Iran-Contra Affair outrage which made Col. Oliver North famedShow MoreRelatedWorld War II to the Gulf War by Stephen E. Ambrose1667 Words   |  7 PagesRise to Globalism: American Foreign Policy Since 1938 is an alluring analysis of Americas outside approach of World War II to the Gulf War. The author, Stephen E. Ambrose, received a Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin. He is known for his accomplished writing. He has written fifteen books on military history, foreign policy, and quite a few biographies on our own past United States presidents. Besides his career as an author, Ambrose has taught several history classes at various locationsRead MorePresident Truman Doctrine And Marshall Pla n3103 Words   |  13 Pagesvictorious from their civil war and the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb, seemed to confirm to the United States that communism was expansive and aggressive. By 1950, the Cold War had become pervasive both at home and abroad. In foreign policy terms the United States had proclaimed itself as the only major protection against communist expansion. In five short years the world had transformed dramatically. Harry S. Truman quickly made his mark as President and quickly turned cold warriorRead MoreThe Unforgotten Historiography Of The Korean War3134 Words   |  13 Pagesvictorious from their civil war and the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic bomb, seemed to confirm to the United States that communism was expansive and aggressive. By 1950, the Cold War had become pervasive both at home and abroad. In foreign policy terms the United States had proclaimed itself as the only major protection against communist expansion. In five short years the world had transformed dramatically. Harry S. Truman quickly made his mark as President and quickly turned cold warrior

Touched by an Angel free essay sample

As I was watching Touched by anAngel one night, I thought about a fallen angel who once flipped me 180degrees. Four hours on a plane and five long hours of driving through themountains brought my family to Banff in Alberta, Canada. The overwhelming sceneryrendered me speechless. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I plunged into thecold chlorinated water, and while swimming, wondered about the next five days inthe Rocky Mountains. I was excited about my dads idea of climbing those fabledpeaks that reached to the sky. After going over all our exciting plans, I headedback to the room. Then, there was that girl. It seemed as if an angel had fallento earth from heaven. Her beauty astonished me, but I could only pass byher. I just didnt picture myself with this majestic girl. As I walked by with asmile, she seemed distracted by my footsteps. Quickly she asked, Can youhelp me? Blissfully, I replied, Sure, what can I do foryou? I couldnt believe the girl even spoke to me. We will write a custom essay sample on Touched by an Angel or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She, Cathy, needed me tofind her room. Regardless of my unfamiliarity with the hotels geography, Idecided to help her out. A few minutes of searching landed us there, and thisravishing girl thanked me from the bottom of her heart. The last thing I rememberseeing was a titanic door dividing and barring our paths. That night, twothings kept me from sleeping. The incident with the girl made me think aboutnothing but her. Her silky brown hair and beautiful blue eyes made me forget theplans with my family. She reminded me of a goddess from one of those mythologicalstories. The other thing that frenzied me was the colossal cacophony produced bymy father. His snoring ruined my mood. The next morning my family droveto a nearby attraction, the Hot Springs Pool. Being surrounded by good-looking,muscular body-builders intimidated me; the surfers seemed to have tired of Malibuand decided to show off their masculinity in Canada. While relaxing, I saw thegirl from the day before enter the pool area, accompanied by her grandparents. Iwas hesitant to get up, because I felt shy and was afraid she wouldnt recognizeme, but I couldnt resist her beauty. I walked toward her, afraid of sayingsomething doltish. I greeted her, and luckily she recognized my voice andintroduced me to her grandparents. Soon, my parents came over and Cathysgrandparents continued praising me in front of them. While they were chatting,Cathy and I walked to the other side of the pool where no one was visible. Nomatter what angle I looked at her from, she was gorgeous. For the next fewhours we talked about almost everything, from how her parents had passed away towhat she got for her birthday. Almost every story she told was sad. Once, she hadgone out jogging with her favorite dog. She hadnt noticed the fog and wasenjoying the time with her dog, but a few minutes later, he was run over by atruck. If it werent for her dog, she could have been killed. The hardest thingfor me was realizing she couldnt explore what nature was providing: all thosewhite sprinkles on the tops of mountains, the fluffy clouds that reminded one ofheaven. I abhorred the idea of Cathy not enjoying this, but she didnt seem tomind. I listened to her stories not because of her beauty, but herhonesty and candor. She also didnt seem to care about my race, never asking meoffensive questions, yet not hesitant to inquire about being Korean. Unlike othergirls, she enjoyed my company. Just as I listened to her stories with excitement,she listened to mine lame to me, in comparison with hers with greatpleasure. On the ride home, I realized I have not appreciated my greatopportunities and advantages. The support I receive from my parents, teachers andfriends I never thanked them for sharing their precious time with me. My egowanted more and I became selfish. Realizing that everyone in this world should betreated equally and deserves equal opportunities, I am eager to help people likeCathy. I feel as if I have been given a mission to value what I have, and becomean honest, diligent doctor who will find a way to cure Cathys blindness.